6 weeks to transform your life

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This is a 6 weeks mentorship program to transform how you do things in life.

The way you do things IS FUNDAMENTAL. Is it aligned with your deeper self? You will run smoothly. Is it misaligned? You will burn out.

Burning out your health, your relations, one job after the other or your finances is not the way to go. Hopefully you are not there and will never be. I have been.

Your fulfillment or resentment pretty much depend on it as well. Life can turn chaotic, exhausting and profoundly heavy. Or it can be an adventure to be explored.

Whether you are all the way down or just wandering on my site you may be now at a turning point, only if you wish. 






with who you really are

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Intrducing Embrace

a six week 1:1 mentorship for aligning yourself with who you really are 


Mis-alignment manifests in many ways:


Exhaustion. You find it difficult to cope with everything right now.

Tension. You feel it in your back, neck, tummy, voice, mood, relations. Tension is the most common sign. However it is not easy to notice till you experience its opposite: releasing.

Bad tempered, angüish, sadness or indifference. Those speak by themselves.

Restlessness. You can not stop. Being quiet, alone and by yourself drives you nuts - though you long for it!

Lack of joy the vivre. You ask yourself what is the point of it after all?

Stagnation. You try to change but “nothing changes”.


chaotic living, overthinking, overacting, and lots of must-do bring us to this point.


Every time you tell yourself without even considering whether you can, need or want: “No matter what…

I will smile.

I will be there for you.

I will take care of it.

I will do my best.

I will be efficient.


The purpose of this 1:1 mentorship program is simple:

To get you aligned and back on track.

We are going to make sure you take into account all that truly matters to you right now while you make decisions or moves about your life or professional purpose. 


alignment is something

you feel

on the inside…


Joy. You just feel it. Most ot the times a sound and grounded calm in your body; sometimes as fireworks.

Release. You stop holding. You breath again. You manage your energy without so much ups and downs. You know when you need extra tension and you know how to let it go as soon as you are done.

Clarity. You feel what it is right and best for you and the situation right now. The you think about how to get there or… Even better: you just get there.

Confidence. You experience it. Your feet are grounded, you are standing upright, you have experienced letting go and opening to the unknown and you are still here, WHOLE.

Readiness. You are not alert but open, attent, observant, sharp. You recognise what comes to you and you know recognise what needs to be done. Basically keeping yourself released as it is happening.

Flow. You meet life as it is. Less resistance, less clashes, less energy wasted. More, far more joy and adventure. 


 how does it work?

Embrace is a 1 to 1 program.

You will have your weekly meeting with me (1 hour), your weekly program and a digital playbook to journal your questions and progress.

I will keep a close eye into it as well so we go hand in hand.

In between sessions and if you need it I will be there for you through Voxer a walkie talkie free App.

It all happens online.

You will gain clarity, confidence and know-hows for now and the future to be who you really are.

Next time you make sure you consider whether you need, want or can do something and how to do it before saying YES!

No worries, it will all happen on the blink of an eye as you practice with it.

You will be more spontaneous and authentic than ever before. 





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6 Weeks long:

6 1-to-1 sessions via Zoom.

6 Session recordings. Micro sessions / support via Voxer.

Audios, videos.


Weekly program:

Week 1: Connect

Week 2: Explore

Week 3: Decide

Week 4: Manifest

Sessions schedule:

Session 1: The state of affairs

Session 2: The purpose; what is needed

Session 3: Exploratory session Session

4: Exploratory session

Session 5: Exploratory session

Session 6: Rounding up; how to move ahead.


what will I walk away with? 


You will have clarity and confidence about your purpose and your next


You will have the recordings of your sessions.

You will have your playbook-journal to keep journaling.

You will have life access to the DIY program and all the materials. You

can come back as often as you need.

You will have a method and a know-how that you can implement by

yourself now and in the future.

All in all I like to think of it as a great investment for your life.

I have created it to give you tools and experiences because those give you

security and independence for your next adventure…

Be sure there will be more adventures waiting for you! 


the fun of discovery is in the



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 real life stories...


Challenge: BLOCKAGES

He needed help to release the tension in his neck. It was painful, it impeded him to turn his head to the right and he felt limited and frustrated. For someone wanting to make a major life transition from consultancy to opera singing fear can be paralysing. Facing “the big questions” and learning to embrace his fear moved him ahead into his journey. As a result his singing has improved dramatically.

“I am freer. I understand myself. I know what is important to me and I am in peace. I face my career with confidence. It is the same in my personal life. Truly living and not just going through life on automatic makes all the difference to me now.”

- Julio C. 



“During rehearsals and concerts I lose contact with the orchestra. When that happens I tense, I withdraw and the music does not flow. I never know when that is going to happen and that scares me. It is holding me back”.

Communication is the thing for many of us. It starts with an honest and profound communication with oneself. Finding stability and confidence in his body, being in touch with his feelings and emotions paved his way to a more powerful and authentic leadership.

“Working with Maria has given me clarity. I have learnt to connect with myself. I am cristal clear about my needs and purposes right now. I know how to express them and how to get there in the best possible way for myself and others. That is fundamental to my profession”.

- Francisco V 



Hers was a journey to catch up with life. Nearly in her forties, mother of two, an academic and solopreneur career: lots of demands, “must do”, exhaustion and not quite being where she wanted in her life. She was anxious.

We took it simple. Back to basics. Common sense. Joy. Making up, dressing up. Facing truths. Embracing contradictions. Living the questions. Moving ahead.

“I needed to get lighter to move ahead. You have been such a big support to me in this transition time. I have learned to speed down and to lower the noise inside my head. I am so happy with my new project. I hope we are out for the summer!”

- Laura S.



This is a story of manifesting one’s vision while coping with reality. Company reorganization, change, resistance, pressure, goals, expectations parallel to his personal challenges, shadows, emotions, enthusiasm, discouragement and concerns about how all this affects his family. Learning to trust his guts and finding confidence to do things his way.

“I have learned that there is more to me than the sympathetic and intelligent man. I can take risks, be creative and be myself all at one. I can take distance. I can think with more clarity and make better decisions now”

- A. C.


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are you ready to


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“What kind of professional is Maria? María is like a friend who listens to me calmly and attentively. She listens to me with her whole soul. She holds me with love while I express myself fearlessly. Without touching me, just with her eyes and her voice, soft, quiet and deep, I can feel how my body aligns and what needs to get out of me does: my souls awakens and expands in her presence. Maria is a safe space, discrete, quiet; a friendly mirror in which you can recognise yourself and grow”. Lola G.


“María has been an enormous support in this transition in my life. I needed to let go in order to move ahead with new projects. Her sessions helped me to learn how to speed down and lower the noise in my head. I feel in control and capable of dealing with uncertainty. As a coach and as an Alexander technique teacher María has an enormous capacity for empathic listening. She is very intuitive and could recognise in each word and gesture what I needed to move ahead. I am very grateful for each of our conversations. So happy I have met you in my way!”. Laura S.