I’m María. In a world that is chaotic and consuming, we need clarity, confidence, and courage to be who we really are.

Peace of mind is no longer automatic; we have to intentionally choose to align our lives with our truth.

My work is about helping you do just that, so you can experience life in a more joyful and expansive way.


 My purpose is your



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There was a time in my life where I felt like I was in a mist of confusion, anxiety and frustration.

It was exhausting.

Nothing was really ‘wrong’, but nothing felt right, either.

I had the ‘perfect’ life - the perfect job, a beautiful house, travelling, loving friends, exciting partners - but there was just something missing. I even felt guilty at times for wanting...more.

Having lived in the middle of emotional turmoil since I was 12, I always had the sense that I just couldn’t quite figure it all out; who I really was, and what I wanted from my life.

Not being able to find my voice was incredibly painful to me, and it took a huge toll on my health, financial situation, and overall wellbeing.

Yet, when I look back to those days, I am joyful.

The challenges I faced on a soul level were an invitation for me to explore life on a much deeper level, and doing so taught me some important lessons: 


 Clarity comes from the



Confidence comes from the



Courage is a result of taking


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When it comes to making decisions, we often leave our feelings and emotions out of the picture. The truth is: these are often more reliable than our thinking mind.

Mantras and positive thinking can only get you so far; your body is your true source of knowing. It holds you, supports you, and opens you up to infinite possibility.

Being proactive (rather than reactive) is the difference between using your emotions to guide you through taking courageous steps forward...and allowing your chaos to overwhelm you.

Moving walls is possible with little effort if you know where to make the right effort...and how.


every adventure starts with a first step...