4 weeks to gain clarity on who you truly are

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During 4 weeks, you will transform the way you relate to your body and emotions to gain clarity and confidence on how to communicate your ideas in the best possible way right now.

It sums up more than 15 years of experience teaching nearly 2000 people how to use the Alexander Technique to make sense of themselves in this crazy, overwhelming and disconnected way of living we are sucked in.


Coming back to your body is coming back



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There you can feel yourself.

Your mind slows down, focuses and becomes sharp and observant.

It is less reactive and more in control.

It takes in new things. It comes up with new possibilities, new priorities, new strategies.

You are in better shape to cope with life as it is.

Because control is not about getting things your way but copying with reality as it presents itself right now in the best possible way.

That is it.

Control is dealing with the questions.

I have called it alignment.




If you want your business to run you need to be aligned yourself first.

Otherwise it will be a mess and a waste of time, money and resources - a pity!!!!

How do I know? I have been there.

If you need to connect with your children, partner or friends in a deep and loving way you need to align yourself first.

Otherwise it will be one expectation after the other, misunderstandings, confusion, tension, frustration all over the place.

Same, I have been there.

If you want your back pain - or your soul pain, that was my case - to improve you need to get clarity on some very important basics about yourself and how to do things on a way that you are aligned and use the right amount of effort, no more no less.

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Intrducing Embrace

a four week online program for aligning yourself with who you really are


Mis-alignment manifests in many ways:


Exhaustion. You find it difficult to cope with everything right now.

Tension. You feel it in your back, neck, tummy, voice, mood, relations. Tension is the most common sign. However it is not easy to notice till you experience its opposite: releasing.

Bad tempered, angüish, sadness or indifference. Those speak by themselves.

Restlessness. You can not stop. Being quiet, alone and by yourself drives you nuts - though you long for it!

Lack of joy the vivre. You ask yourself what is the point of it after all?

Stagnation. You try to change but “nothing changes”.


chaotic living, overthinking, overacting, and lots of must-do bring us to this point.


Every time you tell yourself without even considering whether you can, need or want: “No matter what…

I will smile.

I will be there for you.

I will take care of it.

I will do my best.

I will be efficient.


alignment is something you feel


on the inside...

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Joy. You just feel it. Most ot the times a sound and grounded calm in your body; sometimes as fireworks.

Release. You stop holding. You breath again. You manage your energy without so much ups and downs. You know when you need extra tension and you know how to let it go as soon as you are done.

Clarity. You feel what it is right and best for you and the situation right now. The you think about how to get there or… Even better: you just get there.

Confidence. You experience it. Your feet are grounded, you are standing upright, you have experienced letting go and opening to the unknown and you are still here, WHOLE.

Readiness. You are not alert but open, attent, observant, sharp. You recognise what comes to you and you know recognise what needs to be done. Basically keeping yourself released as it is happening.

Flow. You meet life as it is. Less resistance, less clashes, less energy wasted. More, far more joy and adventure. 

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 how does it work?

Discover is about getting you to practice. Therefore is 80% practical. Few, simple, powerful practices.

It is structured in a 4 weeks program, each week with a well structured program to guide you through the audios, videos, and your PDF playbook so that you know what and how to practice and how to apply it to real life situations - as real as they have been in my private practice with my clients.

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what do I



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XXX Video lessons

XXX Audio lessons

XXX Audio practices

Handbook + Playbook PDF

You can do it on your own tempo. You will have unlimited access for life.

DISCOVER is a 100% DIY course

I know we all love -and need- the wonderful experience of being next to someone and being touched that is not always possible.

Since I will not be there to touch with my hands I have done my best to touch you with my voice, the sounds, the images and the experiences within the program so that vibration encourages your own.

I am very happy to encourage you to do this by yourself.

So many times we long for the good feeling we get after a session with someone that we miss the point of learning about how to give it to ourselves.

It super satisfactory and important to start practising by yourself

what do I need to do?


Make sure you schedule at least 45 minutes a day to explore new possibilities. If you can tap into your curiosity the better! It is about creating new experiences and more joy after all!

Be realistic.

Do not expect the learning to be linear. We tend to be enthusiastic at the beginning and distracted when we feel well or find something newer to do. Explore that and use what you have learn to do so!

The fun of this journey is in the subtleties and the applications. It is is about what you discover along the way.

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the fun of discovery is in the



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are you ready to


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kind words for Maria...

“What kind of professional is Maria? María is like a friend who listens to me calmly and attentively. She listens to me with her whole soul. She holds me with love while I express myself fearlessly. Without touching me, just with her eyes and her voice, soft, quiet and deep, I can feel how my body aligns and what needs to get out of me does: my souls awakens and expands in her presence. Maria is a safe space, discrete, quiet; a friendly mirror in which you can recognise yourself and grow”. Lola G.


“María has been an enormous support in this transition in my life. I needed to let go in order to move ahead with new projects. Her sessions helped me to learn how to speed down and lower the noise in my head. I feel in control and capable of dealing with uncertainty. As a coach and as an Alexander technique teacher María has an enormous capacity for empathic listening. She is very intuitive and could recognise in each word and gesture what I needed to move ahead. I am very grateful for each of our conversations. So happy I have met you in my way!”. Laura S.